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The zero establishment fee will remain in place as a permanent feature for all new QROPS applications, and is applicable across all of our QROPS products.

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What is a QROPS?

A QROPS is an offshore pension plan designed for non-UK resident individuals with UK pension assets who are looking to transfer their funds to a location which better suits their circumstances and financial planning objectives.
Zero fees QROPS - QROPS from STM Group


QROPS  which satisfy certain HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) criteria and are recognised by HMRC, can accept transfers of UK tax relieved pension funds from UK registered pension schemes or other QROPS. The benefits of transferring your pension fund into a QROPS include increased tax efficiency and investment flexibility.

Who is eligible for a QROPS?

Many individuals will be eligible for a QROPS, although QROPS are not designed for UK residents unless they intend to move or retire outside of the UK. There isn’t any hard and fast rule regarding the minimum or maximum transfer limits to a QROPS, however the suitability of a transfer is determined by a number of factors. As a general rule, transfers under £40,000 may not be cost effective.

Who is eligible for a QROPS

Benefits of a QROPS

Greater tax efficiency

QROPS can invest in a broad range of international investments subject to the legislation in the jurisdiction where the QROPS is cited. Depending on the investments chosen, investment growth may not be subject to UK tax. If the member is a non-UK tax resident, no UK income tax is deducted at source on pension income.

Flexible investment options

In addition to mainstream investments such as unit trusts, portfolio bonds, investment platforms, and discretionary fund managers, a QROPS can also invest in international commercial property and other approved assets.

No hidden charges

A QROPS from STM has clearly defined charges which could offer significant savings.

Maximising benefits to beneficiaries

Generally, lump sums paid to beneficiaries are not subject to UK inheritance tax because QROPS satisfy UK regulations for Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS). QNUPS, like UK registered pension schemes, are specifically exempted from UK inheritance tax.

Similar to UK registered pension schemes, certain pension taxes may apply where a member is UK tax resident at the date of their death. 

For non-UK residents, local tax rules may apply. 

Specific advice should always be taken.

Overseas Transfer Charge

In March 2017, HMRC Introduced an Overseas Transfer Charge for transfers to QROPS, unless certain exemptions applied. The two most commonly used exemptions are where: 

  1. The QROPS and the member are based in the same country, or 
  2. Where the QROPS and the member are in the EEA/Gibraltar – both at the time of transfer and for the subsequent 5 full UK tax years following the date of transfer. 

Specific advice should always be sought.

Application of UK taxes

Temporary non-residence rules: No UK income tax will apply if the individual is non-UK resident for at least 5 full tax years, irrespective of the amount, or less than 5 years and total withdrawals (from the QROPS and/or UK Registered Pension Scheme) in the non-resident period are below £100,000.

Member payment regime: Protection from UK member payment regime, if the individual is non-UK resident. This is defined as non-UK resident for the last 5 or 10 full tax years before payment (depending on date of transfer to QROPS). Furthermore, for transfers from a Registered Pension Scheme to a QROPS after 5 April 2017 the member payment regime can apply for 5 years from date of transfer to the QROPS.


As an independent, multi-jurisdictional Administrator and Trustee offering a wide range of HMRC recognised QROPS, STM offer a unique and compelling choice for anybody thinking of retiring abroad.
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